Tithing and Giving

Give With A Thankful Heart

The core reason God asks us to give financially is to teach us to trust Him in all things, and growing in the "grace of giving" moves us from intellectual belief to active and dependent Christ following.
If you would like to make a tithing and giving to NCCF, please kindly use one of the following ways and also we would strongly recommend you to make regular commitment.
Four Ways to Give:
  1. Standing Order - Create a standing order directly to NCCF bank account (please contact us directly or email us for NCCF bank account details).
  2. By Cheque - Write a cheque and pass it to NCCF Treasurer.  Payable to "Newcastle Chinese Christian Fellowship" or "Newcastle Chinese Christian Fellowship (Fund)"..
  3. By Cash - Drop a donation in the offering bag or use the giving envelope at the welcome desk for cash offering and pass it to NCCF Treasurer.
  4. Internet Transfer - pay with your online transfer through YOUR BANK.
Any way you choose to give, we really appreciate it and will put your support to use as we follow God's calling here.